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With love and passion about skincare and cosmetics, Hummingbird Beauty was established in 2013, with the purpose of  bringing out your natural beauty and select suitable skincares for one’s need. We have all different types of facial services from relaxing facials to luxury treatments. Also, we sell Brand Name Menard Japanese Skin Care and Our Brand HB2 Skin Care & Make Up Products. At Hummingbird Beauty, we promise that you will feel a warm welcoming, relaxing experience and satisfaction with us.

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Our Estheticians

As we are Estheticians, we analyze specific skin type needs, educate you on home care for your skin, and suggest regular maintenance using products developed and tested according to the latest standards in skin care. We are highly trained and qualified to know ingredients and proper use from high quality products. We will help you choose the one most suited to your unique needs. Estheticians are best known for giving facials to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin and address problems such as acne and dryness. However, as your Esthetician, I can work on all of your skin with a beneficial and completely relaxing experience for body and mind.

Our Most Loved Services

Hummingbird Beauty is committed to supporting your healthy lifestyle through customized facial treatments and skin treatment therapy. By offering the highest quality esthetic and facial services at Hummingbird Beauty, you can keep your skin healthy, treat damaged skin, and prevent aging with a customized skin care regimen!Perfect for any skin type, Hummingbird Beauty is proven skin care solutions that were specifically help for a wide variety of the most frequently developed conditions. These include:

Anti-aging skin care treatment
Dry & damaged skin
Blemishes & skin redness
Acne and rosacea

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You know the amazing benefits of the professional facial experience, you’re probably wondering when you should book a facial. I recommend getting a facial at least once a month. The timing is realistic and budget friendly. Regularly scheduled facials in combination with your at home skin care regimen, will maintain your complexion throughout the natural life cycle of your skin cells


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