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To Be Beautiful,
Stay Healthy
& Happy​

What We Offer

Rejuvenating Experience Guaranteed

Hummingbird Beauty was established in 2013 with one mission – to bring out the natural beauty in each and every one of our clients by reawakening that perfect skin we are all born with. At Hummingbird Beauty we are passionate about taking care of your face, skin, hair and body. With a masterful approach, we individually tailor a treatment plan that transforms you. We know that when you feel good about yourself every time you look in the mirror, that is what it means to be beautiful. We hope that you will allow us to be part of your beauty journey.

Your Beauty is Our Mission

Hummingbird Beauty continually invests in high-end equipment and skin care treatment products to help clients get the best results. Presently, Hummingbird Beauty has full services for the face and body. Such services include face, eye and neck treatments, facial services, face contours, tightening and lifting, dark spot treatment, body contours, hair regrowth, body scrubs and acne treatment. All services at Hummingbird Beauty bring client satisfaction with very successful and desirable results.  From pampering, luxurious facials to results driven body treatments, our skincare experts help you stop dreaming of great skin and start having it.

Our Most Loved Services

Your beauty is our passion. At Hummingbird Beauty we are committed to offer the highest quality esthetic services:

Facial Treatments: that help rewind past damage, prevent aging and reveal radiantly healthy, beautiful skin. Our proven solutions are perfect for any skin type to care for a wide variety of conditions, including: - Anti-aging skin care treatment - Dry & damaged skin - Hyper pigmentation -  Blemishes & skin redness- Acne and rosacea.

Body Contours: that help to melt body fat, tight the skin and built the muscle, that is not only to look good on your body shape, you will feel healthier, happier and more confident.

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Skin Care Leader

"Amazing service & staff, very kind and professional."


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Come and discover your skincare oasis, where you can take a break from your everyday stress, experience the pampering of a luxury spa and reveal your natural beauty.

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