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Visit Our Spa and Experience The Difference

At Hummingbird Beauty, our expert estheticians are here to help you care for your skin, both in the spa and at home. We believe that when you have confidence in how you look, you’re able to love your life from the inside out.
That’s why as part of your treatments, we take the time to educate you on the skincare products that are best suited to your unique needs, create a customized home regimen that takes the guesswork out of your skincare, and precisely tailor a maintenance plan to ensure healthier skin for the rest of your life.
Although estheticians are best known for treating issues such as acne, hyper pigmentation and dryness through cleansing and rejuvenating facials, our in-depth clinical knowledge gives us the ability to care for any area of your skin, so that you can reach your beauty goals from head-to-toe.

Our Estheticians

At Hummingbird Beauty, Hue personally trains each one of her elite estheticians to understand that everyone's skin is as different as their daily lives. This allows them to bring a holistic approach to skincare to her clients.

Additionally, since expert skin care is about more than treating the surface of the skin, it’s also about treating the body's ability to renew and regenerate fresh, perfect skin, Hummingbird Beauty’s estheticians take the time to understand every client’s nutrition and habits, as well as their skincare history. This approach brings dramatic results that can be visible in as little as one to two treatments.


Our Story


Hummingbird Beauty was established in 2013 by Hue Vo. After years working for a well-known Korean cosmetic company, Hue decided to dedicate herself to caring for her client's skin, the very foundation of beauty, on an individual basis with one mission – to bring out the natural beauty in each and every one of our client’s by reawakening that perfect skin we’re all born with. We are passionate about taking care of your skin, face and body, which allows us to take a masterful approach, individually tailoring a treatment plan that transforms your beauty. Hummingbird Beauty continually invests in high end equipment and skin care treatment products to help all clients to get the best results.

Presently, Hummingbird Beauty has full services for the face and body. Such services include face, eye and neck treatments, facial services, body contours, eyelash extensions, body scrubs and acne treatments. All services at Hummingbird Beauty bring client satisfaction with very successful and desirable results.

From pampering facials to luxurious body treatments, our skincare experts help you stop dreaming of great skin and start getting it. And since we want you to be able to continue the results your receive at home, we also offer a carefully curated selection of luxury skincare and cosmetics.

At the heart of everything we do is our dedication to health and well-being. This dedication means that we always base our recommendations on the treatments and products that will help you best achieve your goals and love the skin you’re in. We’re not here to make you beautiful. We’re here to help reveal and celebrate the beauty that already is you. We know that what’s beautiful is when you feel good about yourself and absolutely amazing every time you look in the mirror. We hope that you’ll allow us to be part of your beauty journey.

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