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Ultrasound is a nonsurgical way to give skin back its youthful appearance. Ultrasound waves pass through the surface layers of the skin to reach the skin’s collagen proteins. By stimulating these areas, this treatment boosts the body’s own ability to produce collagen. This treatment is a “facelift” without any surgery or injections and has no downtime.


A natural protein of the skin, collagen supports the the skin, giving skin its firm and toned texture and youthful appearance. As the body ages collagen breaks down causing a reduction of strength and elasticity in the skin.


By stimulating collagen growth, the foundation of the skin’s strength and elasticity will lift up the surface layers, returning its youthful look. Lifting in the brow, chin and neck will be noticeable over two to three months after the treatment as new collagen forms. Results can last six to eight months without a maintenance treatment.


Focused ultrasound has many uses and can be used at the deepest layer of the skin where fat cells are found. These cells can be melted away using this technology making it a safe and reliable facial slimming treatment. After a forty-minute treatment, predictable results of facial slimming can be seen in the face, jaw and neck. What is left behind of the fat cell is metabolized by the body and naturally shed automatically from the body’s own blood circulation and lymphatic drainage with no harm to the client.



Ultrasound treatments can also reach the underlying muscle of the skin and cause it to contract. This exercise to facial muscles stimulates toning and firmness where wrinkles and sagging skin can occur. As the skin follows the shape of the muscle, any firmness or tightening of the underlying muscle will also be seen in the skin. This helps reduce wrinkles, sagging and creasing or lines in the face caused by natural aging.

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