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  • 1 h
  • $195/ VIP MBS $165

Service Description

BENEFITS: The HB2 Pro facial is the complete facial package. Minimize pores and super clean the skin. This results in smoother, silky skin, as well as aids in pimple and acne prevention. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) solutions deeply exfoliate the skin as well as reduce wrinkles. This brightens the skin leaving the surface looking super clean, renewed, and revitalized. Collagen LED light stimulates collagen production, adding firming and smoothing to the skin. Lastly, the HB2 Pro facial brings the additional benefit of a tightening treatment. This will firm muscle beneath the skin lifting the face, in wrinkled or sagging areas. ABOUT: This facial will deep clean your skin as well as hydrate and revitalize the skin to make it look refreshed and renewed. Hydra dermabrasion unclogs your pores by removing oils, black heads, white heads, dead skin cells and sebum. Collagen LED lights stimulate the structure proteins of the skin, lifting the skin into a firmer shape. Additional facial lifting is a result of a short radio frequency (RF) tightening treatment. The HB2 Pro facial is for all ages and all skin types. A good maintenance program for facial nutrition and hydration should be done monthly. THE PROCESS: The facial begins with a soothing hand cleaning to remove surface debris from the face. This is followed by a cleaning solution to soften dead skin cells and sebum so they can be gently vacuumed away by the hydra dermabrasion machine. A relaxing face and shoulder massage relieves stress and calms the spirit. Next facial tightening is added by muscle tightening RF. Then an advanced nutrition serum is applied along with red LED collagen lights to help restore the skin and minimize pores. Next is where oxygen hydration and a nutrient serum is applied to maintain skin health. Lastly, moisturizer and sunblock complete the process.

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