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hair regrowth


  • 1 h
  • $295/ VIP MBS $265

Service Description

BENEFITS: The hair regrowth treatment is a special method that combines a stem cell ampoule with laser therapy lights and our HB2® Hair Regrowth Serum to bring new life to hair follicles of the scalp. This treatment creates a powerful combination to activate healthy hair follicles and returns them to a natural hair growth cycle for men and women. This highly effective treatment is used in reducing thinning hair, hair damage and balding of the scalp. THE PROCESS: The stem cell ampoule is applied by a microchanneling nano importer. This device helps the serum infuse into the skin to stimulate cell and hair follicle growth. This gentle and relaxing process is painless, causing no redness and has no downtime. Laser therapy lights are applied to the scalp to further stimulate hair follicle growth and reduce follicular inflammation. Lastly, HB2® Hair Regrowth Serum is applied along with oxygen therapy to the scalp to speed up follicle growth and restoration. We recommend that the hair regrowth service be combined with the HB2® Stop Hair Loss & Regrowth product line during the treatment period, for best results. We believe in your journey. SEE RESULTS of our client treatments.

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