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  • 1 hour
  • $230/ VIP MBS $200

Service Description

BENEFITS: The benefits vary based on the therapy serum chosen by the client. Polyvitamin: This serum is a powerful vitamin complex that delivers essential energizing elements that stimulate the skin cells’ natural processes. The vitamins A, C, E combined with B-Complex fight against devitalized dermal appearance. Skin’s texture is smoothed by this highly anti-oxidant cocktail, balancing cutaneous nutritional deficiencies caused by external and internal factors. Acne Treatment: Effectively addresses combination skin concerns. Regulates excessive oiliness for a balanced complexion. Successfully help eliminates blackheads, promoting a clearer appearance. Controls and manages acne breakouts, restoring skin's clarity. Indulge in the transformative benefits of this exceptional treatment for a renewed and rejuvenated skin complexion. Firming & Lifting: This serum works to tighten and firm, leaving your skin looking lifted and rejuvenated. It offers long-lasting firmness that stands the test of time, so you can enjoy your youthful glow day after day. Hydrated skin is happy skin; this serum not only firms but also infuses your skin with essential moisture, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion. ABOUT: This facial will deep clean your skin as well as hydrate and revitalize the skin to make it look refreshed and renewed. Hydra dermabrasion unclogs your pores by removing oils, black heads, white heads, dead skin cells and sebum. The emeso device applies the treatment serum. Collagen LED lights stimulate the structure proteins of the skin, lifting the skin into a firmer shape. The Electro Meso Facial is for all ages and all skin types. A good maintenance program for facial nutrition and hydration should be done monthly. THE PROCESS: The facial begins with a soothing hand cleaning to remove surface debris from the face. This is followed by a cleaning solution to soften dead skin cells and sebum so they can be gently vacuumed away by the hydra dermabrasion machine. A relaxing face and shoulder massage relieves stress and calms the spirit. Then the therapy serum is applied by a needless electro meso device. This device helps the serum infuse into the skin gently and is painless, causing no redness and has no downtime. Red LED collagen lights are applied to help restore the skin and minimize pores. Next is where oxygen hydration and a further nutrient serum is applied to maintain skin health. Lastly, moisturizer and sunblock complete the process.

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