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Reduce the body's skin creasing and sagging.

Microcurrent treatment uses very small amounts of electrical current to stimulate skin and muscle. This safe treatment system has been used medically for over 40 years to stimulate muscle tissue. By stimulating the muscle under the skin, this treatment causes the the underlying muscle of the skin to contract. This exercise to body muscles stimulates toning and firmness where wrinkles and sagging skin can occur. As the skin follows the shape of the muscle, any firmness or tightening of the underlying muscle will also be seen in the skin. This helps reduce skin creasing and sagging caused by natural aging.


Microcurrent therapy has the added benefit of stimulating some other of the skin’s natural processes to help the skin look firm and youthful. The treatment stimulates the skin’s collagen production. By stimulating collagen growth, the foundation of the skin’s strength and elasticity will lift up the surface layers, returning its youthful look. Lifting will be somewhat noticeable after the very first session. This therapy also acts as a lymphatic drainage massage stimulating pressure points and reducing any puffiness in problem areas.

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