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Deep skin repair and inflammation reduction.

LED light therapy works by exposing the deep layers of the skin with varying frequencies of light. Because different frequencies of LED light penetrate to different layers of the skin, they are often referred to by their color, the main therapy lights being either RED or BLUE.


RED LED light is used to stimulate the part of the skin that plays a part in collagen production. By stimulating collagen growth, the foundation of the skin’s strength and elasticity will lift up the surface layers, returning its youthful look. Red LED therapy specifically works to reverse damage to collagen caused by UV sunlight, or what is known as photoaging.


BLUE LED light is used to treat acne. This frequency of light targets glands that may be over producing oil and to reduce the amount on the skin that often leads to acne breakouts. Also, blue LED is used to kill acne-causing bacteria. Used together, blue and red light can treat acne, both by killing acne-causing bacteria with the blue and targeting inflammation and redness with the red.

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