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A gentle approach to facial cleaning.

Hydra dermabrasion is the newest way to clean and exfoliate the skin and is much gentler than microdermabrasion. This is because it clears the skin of old skin cells, oil and debris with the suction from a vacuum along with a purifying solution. This gentle approach to facial cleaning noes not irritate the skin and does not leave the redness associated with microdermabrasion treatments. At the same time, this treatment also uses a moisturizing serum along with oxygen therapy to treat the skin’s tone and texture, encouraging fresh growth of new skin cells.


The process involves three steps. First, old skin cells, oil and debris are cleared from the skin. Second, Skin pours are deep cleaned to remove sebum and excess oil with a purifying solution. Lastly, a moisturizing serum is applied with oxygen therapy. 

The purifying solution is made with a special formula and is best for all skin types. This multi-ingredient solution helps to exfoliate dead skin and remove excess oil and sebum and reduce acne. Other ingredients soothe the skin and reduce irritation or inflammation, as well as provide antioxidant nutrition to support healthy skin and reduce oil and sebum production.


Because of the gentle deep cleaning of Hydra dermabrasion there is no downtime needed for the surface layers of the skin. Regular face washing and hygiene regimen can begin immediately.


Hydra dermabrasion also reduces the size of pour, can reduce acne break outs and clears non-inflammatory acne such as blackheads. Hydra dermabrasion is best for treating and improving:


Skin tone and texture

Fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores

Skin elasticity and firmness

Oily and congested skin

Advanced signs of aging

Treatment frequency varies by age, skin type and facial issues, but is typically recommended once a month. Consult your esthetician or dermatologist for best recommendations for your own personal treatment schedule.

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